Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reclaiming the word "FAT"

I have no problems whatsoever referring to myself as "the fat girl", "being the fattie" or just using the word "fat" to describe myself.

In my opinion, "fat" is just an adjective. Sure, I could dress it up, refer to myself as "pleasantly plump", "fluffy", the ever popular "curvy", but "fat" is short and easy, so why bother?

Apparently people find this word offensive. It seems to make the skinny folk uncomfortable when I use it. Maybe that's why I do... I enjoy watching the skinnies squirm. Muahahaha.

But when you think about it, if I were to say "Oh wow! You're so thin!" Chances are you wouldn't find this terribly offensive, more of a mere observation. But if I were to say "Oh wow! You're so fat!", chances are, if this were to you, or you overheard me say this to someone, you'd think, "Wow, what a bitch.." It's just an adjective!

On the other hand though.. I suppose it's one thing for me to call myself fat, but if someone else did I might feel offended.

I guess it's like the N word... If you're black, it's totally ok.

So if you're fat, well let's own the word!

Fuck yeah! I'm fat! Go team!

Ok, so I just got sort of lazy finishing this up. It's late, I'm tired, give me a break. :P

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