Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ok, so, unintentionally..

I was sick for about three weeks.  First a lovely summer cold (Always a favorite!), followed by strep throat AND an inner ear infection (Yay!), and then some virul infection that caused me unrelenting headaches, muscle aches and pains, zero energy, nausea, vomiting, dizzyness, lightheadedness, fever, chills, and then half my body went numb.

So, didn't really eat much!  And now that I'm over it, I'm assuming my stomach has shrunk, because I'm only eating maybe one full meal a day, and half way through it, I'm feeling stuffed.

At the beginning of the week, I went shopping with my parents to Cosco, and naturally, we decide to grab some dinner before heading home. I opted for the chicken fingers and fries. Yum. Well, a handful of fries and one chicken finger in, I'm already full. But I said to myself, no, these chicken fingers are delicious! I must press on. So I finished the chicken, nibbled a few more fries, and felt like I was going to explode. So we sat for a bit, then my Mom decided she was in the mood for ice cream. OMG. Last time we were there, I really wanted a cone, but they were out of cones, and in a bowl? Please. Not the same. So I said, "Fuck it! I want some damn ice cream." So there I am, enjoying a waffle cone full of swirl ice cream. As we're walking to the car, I say to my Dad, "I think I'm going to puke." He laughs at me. I sit down in the driver seat, lean out of the car, and "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Ice cream, all over Cosco parking lot.

So, joking about my Cosco puke with friends, and being excited about the 25lbs lost, I've concluded that the best way for a fat girl to lose weight is to be an Anorexic Bullemic.

Not eat, then throw it all up when I do!

I'm kidding of course.

Before you all panic and dial up a therapist for me.

I'm not the eating disorder type. I HATE throwing up. Ew. And let's face it, I really like cheeseburgers and cookies.

But, it's a bit depressing to know, that in terms of weight loss, that system appears to work for me. Terrifying, actually.

I plan on continuing with the smaller portions, and am hoping to include a bit more physical activity in my day to day life. So I'll keep you updated on how this works out.

But I guess I should be somewhat thankful for my 3 weeks of agony. Although I could have gone without all the dizzyness.


  1. WE can start going for walks together when I move! :D

    Your not so anonymous friend Stacy

  2. I have never actually discussed with you if you have tried to lose weight. I am not saying that it's easy and not an option you have considered because I'm sure you have thought about it from time to time. You are comfortable with your body and I applaud you for it because you are one sexy bitch, you're confidant which is rare these days with anybody thin or thick or w/e.
    Does nothing work?