Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All fat girls look alike. ..?

This is a picture of myself, and my friend and coworker Charlene. 

In our opinion, we look nothing alike. Occasionally our hair is similar in color, not often. And we both happen to be fat girls. Here's how we are visibly different: I am fatter. I wear glasses (ALL THE TIME). We have completely different hair cuts. Different styles in clothing. Completely different facial features. The list goes on. 

Now, this happens often, especially at our place of work. With both customers and coworkers. I'm always being called Charlene, or someone calls her Treasure. Or we are told by a customer that we helped them yesterday or the day before. Meanwhile, we weren't in..

So I'm curious, why is this? Because we're of the plus sized variety we get rolled into being the same person? That seems a little harsh, no?

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  1. Tell me about it! I get called other people all the time! One girl that I get confused with has hair down to her butt! My hair barely touches my shoulders. I don't know why plus sized people get lumped into one person.... its a strange phenominon