Monday, August 8, 2011

"You're beautiful, I love your curves."

Why can't they just stop at "You're beautiful."?  They always need to tack on that last little bit, calling me out on being a fatty.

Now, I'm comfortable with who I am.  Sometimes I even border on confident in my looks.  And who doesn't love to hear someone tell them how pretty they are??  I love compliments!  Keep 'em coming!  But why the need to remind me that I'm fat.  "You're pretty, but you're pretty because I'm into fat chicks."  Awesome... Thanks...

I think about 95% percent of the time someone's complimented my appearance they've added something about my extra bits.  More recently though, the gentlemen I'm currently dating, just straight up said "You're beautiful."  And wow, was that ever refreshing!  I didn't really think too much into it at that moment, but after the conversation I just had with a friend of mine, where the "You're beautiful, fatty." thing came up, I'm realizing just how nice it actually was.  I mean, he must genuinely find me attractive.  Not just because he has a fat fetish.  No, he just thinks I'm beautiful.


Moral of this story though, (Guys, listen up!) stop reminding me I'm fat.  I appreciate that you appreciate my curves.  But you don't need to keep telling me.  Or any of us for that matter.  Sometimes you just need to keep it simple.  It'll go a long way.  Guaranteed.

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