Saturday, October 31, 2009

At Halloween... Everything comes in skank.

Halloween costumes.

Sexy, slutty, whoreish Halloween Costumes.

For those of us fat girls who plan to go out in public, these are not always an excellent time.

Now, I know there are some big girls out there who like to flaunt their stuff. ALL of their stuff. I am not one of those big girls. I give major props to those who are, I could never muster that much confidence. Yeah, I like to look sexy, but not with all my fat hanging out.

Last year I had an incredibly difficult time finding a Halloween costume that was sexy, while not making me look like a fat hooker. I eventually found something on E-Bay. A lovely pirate costume.

I'd looked at stores in Winnipeg; Wal-Mart, where the only plus size options were, and I'm not kidding, I have witnesses, Witch, French Maid, or Devil, and Party Stuff, where, everything comes in cleavage and short short skirt. Nothing at Party Stuff fit in a way that I was comfortable with, and well, I don't want to be a Witch, French Maid, or Devil.

I guess this goes hand in hand with the Pants blog. Plus size clothing designers just do not understand the needs and wants of the plus sized consumer.

I don't have much time for this entry, as I'm actually getting ready to go out and enjoy some Halloween festivities, but I'd just like to say that, not all women want to look like cheap whores. Please give us more options.

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  1. Tee hee Normally I'd completely agree but this year I plan to muster my confidence and go for sexy! I don't care what other people think because I know my man will be drooling over me all night and the "after party" when we get home will be totally worth it!!