Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big girls like...

Recently I was approached by a friend, he's a young, out-of-the-closet BBW admirer, asking why it is that big girls are typically more attracted to bigger guys. The guy who asked is on the thinner side, so I can understand his concern.

So, why is it that larger ladies seem to go for larger men? The main reason that comes to my mind? Balance. Seems, silly.. I know. But, and using myself as an example, although I'm usually more physically attracted to men of a thinner/average size, I almost always envisioned myself ending up in a relationship with a larger man.

I guess, when the guy is bigger, it feels in a way, more secure, like, there's more of him to protect you? I know the feminists will love that one...

Also, take into consideration, girl on top, I am terrified I will break the guy underneath me. But if he's bigger then I am, not really a concern.

I think it's mostly the stereotype that in a relationship the woman is supposed to be this teeny fragile thing, and her partner should be a big brooding man. Well, when the woman is big and brooding, then what? I guess we just tend to lean towards the "Find a man who is BIGGER and MORE BROODING".

Big girls are often insecure about their bodies, so it's comforting to know that the man seeing you naked doesn't have a rockin' bod. Even if the thinner/average guy doesn't have a "rockin' bod", compared to how the girl sees herself, this man is a god. When the guy you're getting naked with is a big guy, it's not as tough, he's got rolls, you've got rolls. You both sweat in places thinner people don't. If he's not perfect, you feel better about you not being perfect..

I don't know if this will help with this query... But I thought about it, and this is all I got. I may touch on this subject more in the future, as it's something I found interesting to blog about.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like to see discussed, post it in the comments or send me an email!

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  1. I think even regular sized people are insecure when it comes to dating someone who is "out of your league"- There's a whole very vain stigma around being with someone who's as physically attractive as you. It's hard not to consider that, but you have to trust them that they're not going to turn around and think "Well, now that I think about it, I AM better looking than my current partner, so I should find someone better..."

    I hate how (very stereotypically, I must admit) larger guys seem to expect to find a petite woman and won't date larger women. It may not be true in every case, but your logic proves their plan is faulty!