Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yes, ladies and gents. This blog entry is about pants.

Oh. My. God. I HATE shopping for pants!!

My biggest problem? The thigh! Yes, I am a fat girl. Yes, I typically wear a size 22/24/26 pant/jean depending on the make. Wow, I actually just put my pant size on the internet for all to see. That's how serious I'm taking this blog. Now, plus size clothing designers, listen up. Just because my waist is large, does NOT mean my thighs are GIANORMOUS! Yeah, they're large, but clearly not as large as you seem to think they are.

If I were to take the excess fabric hanging off of my thighs, and sew it together, I could fit a third thigh into it. And I'm not talking a loose fitting jean, or a pair of cargos. This is on a pair of flared or bootleg jeans. Even on a "Skinny" jean, this happened. Not to mention it wasn't even a skinny jean. When I think skinny jean, I think skin tight denim. Not a slim fit baggy thigh jean.

This happens with jeans, shorts, dress pants, EVERYTHING! And yeah, I understand there are some girls out there who wear these sizes and need the large thigh. But, and this is just a thought, what if stretch was incorporated into most, if not all plus size pants, therefore those who don't need all that extra space can still find a jean that fits in the waist and the thigh.

I'm also short. 29 is the perfect pant length for me. 28 shrinks up just a bit too short, and 30, 32 drags. And I hate hemming pants, it throws off the entire shape and fit. Do you know how hard it is to find a good fitting jean or dress pant with a 29 inch leg? HARD!!!

So, in conclusion, a little stretch, and smaller thighs will go a long, long way.


  1. I definitely agree with you, pants shopping is always horrible for me. i can never find a pair of pants that fits properly in the waist and the thighs! its ridiculous and so frustrating.

  2. I agree! Its soo damn hard for me to find friggin pants or capris...I'm short so when i buy pants i need a 30 length...but i can never find the right waist size that goes with the's like the bigger the top the longer the! the only place that i ever found decent pants was wharehouse one and they're ugly jeans! i mean i wore those in junior high...and even jeans now...ya i find a nice pair (i get them hemmed) and they stretch and make my ass look like crap cuz i have a big ass and so it stretches and sags...ughh
    I buy dress pants now cuz hey they make my ass look good...but the best part about them is the design or stitching on the a nice cuff to make me look taller...especially in heels...but again no...THEY TOO F'N LONG so i have to cut it off!!!!!!! ok i'm dont ranting..

  3. In conclusion, I will complain no more about being short and having to occasionally take off an inch or two of hem. That's nothing compared to never fitting a thigh properly.

  4. Graaaaagh! I Hate shopping for pants!! Too tight in the waist or Too baggy in the ass and thigh!! Sigh, I suppose I should be thankful that I don't often need to hem my pants but . . .

  5. Finding a good fit is hard! Stores assume that if you are curvy, you are tall! Not the case! I am short as can be and not a size 2. I could make shorts with all of the extra fabric I need to cut off at the end.